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Old Trinity of Paseo Wedding Planning Sisters Get Rave Reviews!

Sara McCord Thompson and Amy McCord have had a very busy wedding season at Old Trinity of Paseo. Together, they are one of the best wedding planners in the Oklahoma City area and we’re proud they call Paseo Arts District home! Here are some rave reviews from recent clients!

Here are recent reviews of Old Trinity Paseo & the Sisters from this wedding season:

  • It is hard to find a place online that has nothing but PERFECT reviews, but this is the place. It is literally impossible to find a bad review for this place, and now that I have experienced the service, I understand why. I got married here on 6-8-13. It was everything I could have hoped for or imagined. Amy and Sara are two of the most amazing individuals at what they do. They know what they are doing, and they do it well. To say the least, I was vague when I told them what I wanted. They took my small ideas and made them into something beautiful. I never had to worry about anything, not only on my wedding day but any time before that either. People around me constantly asked me if I was feeling stressed yet or if I needed any help with the wedding. My answer was always that I was stress free and that I had all the help I needed in the sisters. The chapel was beautiful, the vendors were great, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about my wedding. It was perfect. Anyone that wants the perfect wedding in the Oklahoma City area needs to contact these ladies. They are well worth the money.  -Kirby
  • We both enjoyed every minute!  It was beautiful!  Mostly, we wanted a lovely day to remember something we started long ago.  You all helped us achieve that, and we thank you! You both made every part of the process very simple.  From the planning, rehearsal, to the big day, everything went very smooth. -Denise
  • Pick a package, pay the fee then show up for the wedding! I promise it is that easy. Just give the Sisters your ideas and they will build on them. My daughter sent Amy a picture of a bouquet of flowers and she didn’t just make it she made it better then we could have imagined! Not just the brides bouquet but all the flowers, truly Amazing! Everyone commented on how beautiful they were. Sarah was the same way with the music, you could not tell where her playlist ended and my daughters began. We brought a few extra goodies for the reception but it was not necessary. The wedding punch that they serve is the best punch I have ever tried. It was not easy for me to let my daughter do things her way but I am glad I did. I enjoyed every minute of the wedding and reception and did not have to worry about ANYTHING! That is what Amy and Sarah do! The staff they have to help were professional and kind and fun to have around. In our contract there was a list of vendors and we did choose a bakery and a pastor from the list. Be assured that the list is tried and true. Our guests were very pleased with the service and the cakes! -Mother-of-the-Bride
  • It was hard for me to let go of the reigns at first…. because I’m type-A, but I’m so glad I did! The entire event was a thrill! Sara and Amy handled EVERYTHING, and allowed me to bring in some items that I wanted to contribute. They were just so flexible. Other venues I toured were riddled with rules and completely inflexible….not these girls, they were amazing!!!

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Don’t stress yourself or your mother….hire a big sister!

Who has time to take care of the thousands of details a wedding demands? Most couples pay for their wedding by themselves while working or going to school full-time. We wanted to design all-inclusive packages that allow you to have the creative control and none of the stress. With competitive pricing, stellar vendors and top-notch service, our hope is that you put the stress of planning in our capable hands, and enjoy your wedding day!​